Vert Back Pain Management System

Vert Back Pain Management System


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Find relief from back pain with this powerful, small back massager!

  • Offers non-invasive, natural pain relief
  • Wireless design allows freedom of mobility while using
  • Combines three effective pain relief modalities in one back massager
  • Helps reduce mild to moderate back pain quickly

The all-new Vert Back Pain Management System is an innovative small back massager that relies on a proprietary blend of heat, pressure, and strategic massage patterns along the vertebrae to help manage upper and lower back pain and tension. This wireless system allows for full-motion mobility while receiving treatment, leaving you free from being bound to a chair and power outlet like traditional hot pads and massage devices of old. This device enables you to manage your chronic back and vertebra pain without the use of harmful and intrusive drugs or surgeries. Order this back massager today to take the first step in relieving back pain once and for all.


  • 1 wireless, portable back massager