The Tempo Pain Relief Massage Wand

The Tempo Pain Relief Massage Wand


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Relieve joint pain with this powerful handheld massager!

  • Includes six different massage tips
  • Offers non-invasive, natural pain relief
  • Ideal for deep application of essential oils, creams, and ointments
  • Soothing vibrations help reduce pain quickly

With multiple massage tips, the all new Tempo Pain Relief Wand is sure to be the most versatile, non-invasive pain relief product on the market. This innovative and powerful handheld massager offers portable vibratory therapy to help relieve common types of pain, including pain related to tinnitus, arthritis, trigger finger, sinus pain, and TMJ, to name a few. While we don’t profess to cure or permanently relieve such bodily ailments, our powerful handheld massager offers palliative care for welcome relief. Now, thanks to Reltus’ focus on easy-to-use, accessible design, and treatment, relief is right around the corner. Order yours today!


  • 1 handheld wand massager
  • 1 base
  • 6 massage tips

Tempo Pain Relief Massage Wand Uses


The wrist massage tip powered by The Tempo was engineered to move across and massage the intricate and somewhat delicate anterior and posterior sides of the carpal region. This includes the carpal (wrist), metacarpal (hand), and phalanges (fingers). Packed into that small area are hundreds of ligaments, bones, nerves, veins, and muscles which get used and abused EVERY DAY. The rhythmic vibrations of The Tempo handheld massage wand help to alleviate pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, aging, general wear and tear, and many other ailments.


We give little thought to the part of the body that’s actually doing the thinking until it starts to ache! The scalp tip for The Tempo was specifically designed to give more thought to the thinker! The scalp is often the most common area for professional massage therapists to achieve the highest level of stress relief on a patient. Studies have shown scalp stimulation increases blood flow to the scalp. Not only is this great for the scalp, but it also has been shown to encourage hair growth and an enhanced sense of mental well-being. Headaches are a sure-fire way to put a halt to a productive day but scalp stimulation will help to combat the hindrance and pain.


The small joints in the body take all the punishment and receive very little reward. It’s time to treat the small joints with the same respect the elbows, knees, and hips get! More than 3 million Americans suffer from arthritis pain every year. A majority of those cases affect smaller joints in the body, such as the hands and feet. The joint tip for The Tempo handheld wand massager hones in on the small joints with great precision. Inflammation of the joints becomes more common as we age. Problems such as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) or trigger finger become extremely debilitating and irritating for many, and very little can be done to cure such ailments. The joint tip that comes with The Tempo focuses the rhythmic vibrations to these problem areas to alleviate the pain from the inflammation.


The intricate network of sinus canals beneath your face are miraculous when they are working properly. The sinus tip for The Tempo was designed for those occasions when things aren’t flowing through as they should be. Until there is a cure for the common cold, unfortunately we all know how miserable congested, infected, or painful sinuses can be. The gentle vibrations of The Tempo, along with the ergonomic, ball-like sinus tip, help the pains to subside as your body works to heal itself.


The original Reltus tip! The founders of Reltus suffered from terrible ringing and buzzing caused by chronic tinnitus. Because of the success they had with their invention, they decided to begin producing a device for the millions who suffer from the same symptoms. This noninvasive treatment helps to instantly relieve the annoying ringing brought on by tinnitus. Other ear ailments, such as ear infections and swimmer’s ear, can cause radiating pain around the ear. The ear tip for The Tempo handheld wand massager helps to counteract these pains as your body heals.


The applicator tip for The Tempo helps to massage your favorite essential oil, cream, or ointment deep into the skin and soul. The benefits of oils and ointments are numerous, and the soothing vibrations of The Tempo are a perfect way to apply these remedies.