Questions About Our Handheld Wand Massager

Are Your Products Loud While in Use?

You’ll find that both The Tempo Pain Relief Massage Wand and the Vert Back Pain Management System are relatively quiet when in use. They make some sound due to the vibrations they emit, and this sound is more prominent as you increase the intensity. Vibration is necessary to achieve the best results and we’re confident that the sound will not be a big problem.

What makes your personal massagers unique?

Customers love our handheld wand massager and our small back massager because they:

  • Offer non-invasive help for pain
  • Offer natural pain relief to help reduce reliance on pain medicine
  • Offer pain management that is customizable to your needs
  • Are portable, making help for pain easy when you’re on the go
  • Are small, allowing you to use them in a discreet manner
  • Are safe to use every day

These are just a few of the things that customers love about our products. Contact us to learn more about how our products can provide you with help for pain.

How Can I Learn More About Your Company or Products?

Feel free to contact the Reltus team online by providing your name, email, and phone number. You may also sign up for our newsletter to get information and great deals delivered directly to your inbox.