Who We Are

About Our Company

Since the development of our first therapeutic instrument in 2010, we’ve been working to change the way America and the medical industry views comprehensive pain management. We have never supported the idea that the reduction of pain should be the main concern of medicine. Instead, our founders believe that natural remedies should be utilized to provide help for pain and treat the source of the pain in order to achieve long-term relief and optimal wellness.

Backed by years of research and experimentation, Reltus products are uniquely designed, utilizing the proven therapies of compression, vibratory waves, and radiant heat to provide long-lasting relief from a variety of ailments. Rejuvenating the body through non-invasive, natural, and scientifically proven methods, each Reltus product has been carefully designed and engineered with our customers’ comfort in mind.

About Matt Hawkes

Driven by a “personal vendetta” against pain, Reltus founder Matt Hawkes used his own personal battle, after being diagnosed with cancer, as a catalyst to find a natural, non-addictive, non-invasive solution for pain relief. After beating the disease, he found himself fighting a new battle — one with tinnitus. With the constant, incurable ringing in his ears, the condition compelled Matt to research different pain management protocols, working through their challenges and limitations to finally develop his own device. Utilizing vibratory waves, Matt not only treated his tinnitus but discovered that his proprietary device alleviated pain and discomfort in other areas as well.

Affordable and effective, both the Tempo Pain Relief Massage Wand and the Vert Back Pain Management System have helped hundreds of chronic pain sufferers experience long-lasting relief without the side effects of harmful medication or invasive surgery. Discover the benefits of alternative pain management measures by ordering yours now.