Our Small Back Massager Provides Help for Pain

If you suffer from any type of back pain, then you know just how troublesome the constant, nagging pain can be. It may even be so intense at times that it interrupts your day-to-day routine. Thankfully the Vert Back Pain Management System can help individuals who are searching for a way to relieve sore, tired back muscles. What makes this small back massager so incredible? Let’s take a look at why so many of our customers love it.

How the Vert Back Pain Management System Can Help

Non-Invasive, Natural Back Pain Relief

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar operation, mostly because many of us want fast, effective relief for what ails us. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could reduce our dependence on prescription pain medications while finding relief from sore back muscles? The Vert Back Pain Management System has made this a reality for many individuals by providing strategic massage patterns along the vertebrae to relieve pain and tension in the lower back. This non-invasive technique can help reduce dependence on pain medication, which may help improve your overall health in the long run.

Diverse Pain Relief Modalities

When you get a professional massage, your massage therapist probably uses a variety of techniques and modalities that are known to reduce muscle tension. For example, they may use heat before and during the massage to relax your muscles. They may also use varying degrees of pressure along different parts of your back and spine to increase blood flow and encourage relaxation. When we were designing our small back massager, we wanted to be sure to combine a variety of modalities to deliver effective, comprehensive pain relief. The Vert Back Pain management system incorporates a proprietary combination of heat, pressure, and strategic massage patterns to provide consistent, superior results.

Wireless and Portable

Getting a professional massage is great. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or financial resources to make this happen on a regular basis. Likewise, traditional back massagers can be bulky and they are often corded, leaving you tethered to a wall while you seek relief from your back pain. The Vert Back Pain Management System is a small back massager that can is safe enough to use every day, as often as you need to. Additionally, it is wireless and portable, and that means that it can be used virtually anywhere. Finally, a solution for back pain that suits your on-the-go lifestyle!

Other Natural Pain Management Tips

Here at Reltus, we care about your health and well-being. This is why we have worked diligently to provide you with innovative pain relief solutions that are effective and convenient. In addition to using our small back massager, there are other natural, non-invasive ways you can reduce back pain. These include:

  • Exercise regularly. Choose exercises that strengthen your back and your core.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. This will place less strain on your upper and lower back.
  • Lift heavy items carefully. Avoid sprains and strains by lifting with your knees, not your back.
  • Sit and stand properly. Practicing proper ergonomics places less strain on your back.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking can reduce blood flow to the spine, which slows healing and robs vertebral discs of essential nutrients.

Order Your Small Back Massager Online!

The Vert Back Pain Management System offers non-invasive natural pain relief for tired and sore back muscles, offering a combination of effective modalities in one product for your convenience. What’s more, it is wireless. That means that it can provide you with portable, on-the-go pain relief wherever and whenever you need it. Are you ready to discover all of the ways in which our small back massager can help you? Order yours online today!