Who We Are

Reltus (rēl-tŭs) is a company dedicated to finding relief for the common, every-day ailments of a hard-working body. We’ve spent countless hours creating devices which target specific areas of stress and trouble. 

From the very beginning of Reltus, we have had a very personal vendetta against pain and irritation. At the age of 30, Matt Hawkes, one of the founders of Reltus, was diagnosed with cancer. He fought and beat the cancer, but the radiation and chemo therapies left him with incessant ringing in his ears – tinnitus. With no present cure, Matt spent the next several years using various products to treat his tinnitus, without success. Motivated, Matt sought, instead, to invent a simple, inexpensive device that would help him cope with the condition. It was from this process of discovery that Matt realized the incredible benefits of therapeutic vibratory waves on, not only his tinnitus, but many other areas of problem and pain. The simple concept of honing in the vibrations to a specific area has been used for many years by specialists in many fields. However, the bulky, inconvenient devices of yesteryear have driven many people away from such treatment. Now, with Reltus’ focus on easy-to-use, accessible design and treatment, relief is right around the corner. While we don’t profess to cure or permanently relieve such bodily ailments, we offer a non-invasive device to help give palliative care for welcome relief.