About Us

Reltus (rēl-tŭs) is a product designed to deliver instant, temporary relief for people suffering from tinnitus. Like many practical inventions, its inception was a combination of science and serendipity.

At the age of 30, Mr. Hawkes was diagnosed with cancer. The subsequent radiation and chemo therapies thankfully overcame the cancer but left him with an incessant ringing in his ears – tinnitus. With no present cure, Matt spent the next several years trying various products to treat his tinnitus, but without success. Motivated, Matt sought instead to just invent a simple, inexpensive device that would help him cope with the condition.

After reading webpages, blogs, scientific journals and discussing his ideas with Medical Doctors, Matt came to the conclusion that a vibratory tapping on the external ear not only provided a soothing massage but eradicated the ringing for a short period of time. What followed was a year of experimentation with different vibrating device designs engineered specifically for the ear until finally honing in on a design that consistently and reliably worked. To his delight, when using this new device he experienced an instant, brief relief of his tinnitus.

This serendipitous discovery would allow a person to apply focused, direct vibrations to the ear, jawbone, and surrounding areas, relieving many of the persistent and varied symptoms of tinnitus. After considerable research, market collaboration and several prototypes, Reltus became a reality.

There is no medical cure for tinnitus. Until that time, Reltus is for tinnitus sufferers who believe as Matt does, that any degree of palliative relief, is welcome relief.